Voxel Nodes

The voxel system is split into multiple nodes to allow easy modular assembly of data. The 3D values are stored in 2D images that can be saved out and read back in for further changes or rendering. There are a few important notes regarding the voxel system that need to be observed, especially if rendering out the images.

  • Voxel positions are stored in a secondary layer. If exporting the voxel data as an image, be sure to use exr format and include layers and metadata.
  • Metadata is used to store key values regarding the voxel grid: Bounding Box, Resolution and Transformation Matrix. The metadata will be correctly handled by any Voxel Node, but be careful of merging additional branches without merging the metadata.
  • Standard nuke nodes can be used on the images to adjust values, although it is important to note that if the voxels layer is adjusted, unexpected results may occur.
  • Most nodes use Blink Scripting and take advantage of the GPU for quick rendering. An additional tab “GPU” exists on these nodes to allow control over it’s use.

Node Documentation: