Maps a latlong image around the voxels, projecting light into the grid based on the normal direction of the data. The light transmittance is reduced by accumulating fog based on the absorption value for realistic results. The result is blended with adjacent values to simulate bounce lighting.

Voxels:    The voxel image to light.
Env:         Latlong image of any format to be used for lighting. If using a HDRI, enable “Luminance Based” to use it’s values for intensity.

Luminance Based:   If ticked, the intensity values for each ray will be taken from the luminance of the current pixel being projected.
Rotate:                      Rotates the mapping on the y-axis around the grid.
Intensity:                  Value of the transmittance before it enters the grid. If luminance based is ticked, intensity acts as a multiplier for the luminance values.
Absorption:              Amount of light absorbed by each voxel.
Range:                      Radius of the area to blend. Simulates bounce lighting and prevents sharp results.
Samples:                   Number of samples to take per ray. Higher values increase accuracy at the cost of speed.
Operation:                Method by which the effect is blended with the existing colour value.
Mix:                           Dissolve between the original image at 0 and the full effect at 1.