Generates a voxel grid in a 2D image format, with each pixel represnting a voxel. A voxel is defined by a position in space (RGB = XYZ) and an ‘active’ value (alpha). The voxel data is stored as a layer, and values for it’s bounding box, transform and resolution are injected into the stream’s metadata. The default rgba layer will contain the colour (RGB) and density (alpha) for each voxel.

Bounding Box:  Specifies the dimensions of the cube (from a positive z axis viewpoint):
• x – controls the left face on the x axis.
• y – controls the bottom face on the y axis.
• n – controls the back face on the z axis.
• r – controls the right face on the x axis.
• t – controls the top face on the y axis.
• f – controls the front face on the z axis.
Resolution:        Number of voxels per axis. If Uniform is ticked, a singular value can be used and will keep a (near) uniform voxel size on each axis.
Colour:                Default colour and density value to fill the grid with.