Emits light in a direction towards each voxel based on the rotation of the light input, translation is ignored. The light transmittance is reduced by accumulating fog based on the absorption value, and the light colour blended towards the scatter colour as it travels.

Voxels:     The voxel image to light.
Light:       Can be any 3D node that has a world_matrix knob(eg, Axis, Light…). Note: Only the rotation is used, all other values are taken from the V_DirLight settings.

Light Colour:           Colour emitted by the light.
Scatter Colour:       Colour scattered through the grid as the light travels.
Intensity:                 Value of the transmittance before it enters the grid.
Absorption:             Amount of light absorbed by each voxel.
Samples:                 Number of samples to take per ray. Higher values increase accuracy at the cost of speed.
Operation:              Method by which the effect is blended with the existing colour value.
Mix:                         Dissolve between the original image at 0 and the full effect at 1.