Generates a fractal noise pattern in the grid.

Offset:                      Values are generated in the -1 to 1 range, offset is added to result before the density multiplication.
Density:                   Multiplier for the noise values.
Seed:                        Sets the seed used to create the random noise pattern. Using the same seed will return the same noise pattern.
Size:                         Sets the lowest possible noise frequency.
Octaves: Sets the number of Perlin noise functions to add to the noise frequency.
Lacunarity:             Sets the amount by which octaves multiply noise frequency. Lower values produce smoother noise and higher values produce more granular noise.
Persistence:             Sets the amount by which octaves are cumulatively reduced before adding to the result. Lower values produce lesser detail and higher values produce greater detail.
Operation:                Method by which the effect is blended with the existing density value.
Mix:                           Dissolve between the original image at 0 and the full effect at 1.